04 Nov Zen Referral Partners Program


Dear CHRON Family and Friends,

Happy Friday! I’d like to take a moment today to announce the launch of the Zen Referral Partners Program. This program is hosted on an easy-to-use platform where anyone can sign up to become a Zen Referral Partner and immediately begin participating in our attractive referral program.

This opportunity is available to everyone who is interested in earning extra income – from realtors to housewives. All you have to do is sign up as a Zen Referral Partner and create your unique login and password for your Partner account.

Once your account is set up, you will receive a confirmation email and a unique Referral Code (the Zen Code). Equipped with this code, you may simply refer people you know or encounter to Zen’s home automation and security services and get paid in return once they become our customers.

In exchange for sharing Zen Home Services with people you encounter as you do your job or go about your business, Zen will compensate you as follows:

Immediate Bonus: For each converted referral who comes to us via your unique Zen Referral Code, Zen will pay you a one-time referral fee. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send our way.

Residual Income: In addition to the one-time sales bounty, Zen shall also pay a monthly residual amount for the life of the customer and as long as the Referral Partner remains in good standing with Zen.

Zen Smart System: Referral Partners will also get special promotions like discounts on our Smart Home systems, same as cash equipment financing with no credit checks, and free installation.

We believe that old-fashioned word of mouth remains the most effective form of marketing, which is why we decided to make this opportunity available to everyone, including Zen customers. Each Zen customer will be able to also become a Zen Referral Partner and enjoy the benefits of the program.

We have already begun recruiting and signing up Referral Partners across the country and are excited about the potential of this program. We look forward to the added value these individuals will bring Zen in the near future; and, of course, to contributing to their quality of life by being a viable source of additional income for them.

P.S. In the above picture, you’ll see me and Bobbie, one of our newest Referral Partners based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.



Jeff Bay-Anderson

VP, Business Development




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