01 Jun Understanding CHRON’s Corporate Structure

Chron.Corp.StructureI wanted to take the time to post this for the benefit of our shareholders; I believe that understanding the corporate structure will aid in understanding our Company’s long-term vision and our short-term goals and developments regarding our home services business.

As you all know, our Company is The Chron Organization, Inc. (OTC: CHRO) – however, what many may not know is that our chairman and myself have a long-term aspiration that CHRO become a venture development and business incubator firm, which ultimately transitions into a holding of various portfolio companies. Now let me qualify this with the following statement; by long-term I am talking over the next 10 years. Our immediate focus is extremely clear, so please do not be worried about any lack-of-focus issues. Our sights are clearly set on becoming the premier player in the home services space.

Our strategy is that launching a home services business is low hanging fruit to us – this is not to say that what we are doing today, by combining home protection, with home automation and energy, is easy – but rather, to infer that this type of business is in our wheel-house and area of expertise. So in order to accommodate the home services business that we are building today, CHRO has two wholly owned subsidiaries. These are CHRON Home Services, Inc. and Chron Energy Inc. It is through these entities that we are building our current business operation. Today, I serve as President & Secretary of parent company and I serve as CEO of the wholly owned subsidiaries. One day, as the home business moves into an aggressive growth mode, we will find the right CEO who can take our home services business into the future – but today, my core focus is birthing, infrastructure and launching; all with a view to get revenue positive.

My intent in writing this blog is to prepare you for the upcoming branding and marketing initiatives.  What you will begin to see over the next 30 days is that we are going to begin to differentiate our home services brand from our parent company brand – this website and the CHRO social media platforms are the first major step in that direction; but more are coming.

As always, we are thankful for our shareholders and supporters. I hope you found this helpful and useful in your evaluation of our business as part of your investment portfolio.


Sincerely yours,

Alex Rodriguez

Entrepreneur | Visionary | Defender of Men

Chief Chron Steward





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