23 Sep Quick CHRON Updates – Special Promotions


Dear Shareholders, Friends & Family:

I wanted to take just a minute to drop everyone a line about two things:

First of all, it doesn’t escape me that things have been a bit quiet from us over the past several weeks. Please know that this is definitely by design. While things have been very eventful around here, we have held up on any announcements until after our audit and subsequent up-listing plans can be announced.  I had been hoping that this would have been this week; however, there are still a few items that we need to have finality on. Chief among these is the overall business capitalization strategy – we want to make the best strategic decision possible for our short and long term advantage and partner with the right people. These decisions determine our up-listing strategy, so we are still in those discussions. Trust me, I want it to happen faster than anyone else… but it behooves us not to rush this process. Fingers crossed folks, for next week.

Secondly, as you may know, via our newly redesigned livewithzen.com e-commerce platform, we’ve started to on-board customers and I just want to say we are thrilled that several of you have begun taking advantage of our Friends & Family Promotion. For those of you who do not know, we have started a promotion that runs through the month of October. This special promotion includes 90-Day Same as Cash Financing, with no credit checks and Free Installation.

We have two mass marketing channels that we are gearing up; however, before launching those, we want to use these “friends and family” type of promotions as our testing ground. We kindly ask that as you try our products and test our processes firsthand during this soft launch period, please give us any feedback you believe might improve our systems, processes and overall customer experience. Test our Zen Wizard for yourself to see how user-friendly it is in helping you identify the ideal smart system for your home’s unique configuration, and let us know about your experience. Please send your feedback to our Vice President of Operations, Mr. Grant Magers; his email address is grantm@zenhomeservices.com. And of course, you can always copy me at arod@chronorganization.com.

Also, I have just mailed out a letter to all of our shareholders (approximately 1,300), inviting them to participate at www.livewithzen.com – this is our first mailing campaign ever and we hope to get a good reception from it.  There are many shareholders who are close to the Company and stay in contact; however, there are far many more who are not in the know of CHRON’s developments over the past year. Hopefully, we can start to change that with this outbound mailer initiative.

Sincerely Yours,


Alex Rodriguez






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