20 Jun Out on the Fringes & Creativity

Mitchel.ARODThere’s an early chapter in one of my favorite books, ‘Lovemarks’ by Kevin Roberts, which talks about the concept of “the fringes” and “the power of the edge”. Author, Kevin Roberts explains how great ideas typically start on the fringes or the edge as opposed to the safe and conventional center. It seems to me that oftentimes, great ideas do come to us; however, we then rationalize them down into mediocre ideas in our attempt to be good businessmen.

This downward process starts with not wanting to be offensive, or with wanting to appease the safe zone or “cheap seats”. Nowadays, a great idea even has to go through the politically-correct distortion-vortex as well – which in my humble opinion, if not done correctly, can rob the entire soul of the idea. My point here is that it takes a process, great minds and complete present-ness or self-awareness to bring great ideas into fruition.

I believe that our idea and vision for a 21st century utility company is certainly cutting edge for the following reasons: a) we are going to bring smart home/automation to the masses, b) we are converging that offering with a responsible energy offering, and c) we are making it affordable. This, of course, is only the beginning. Sure I am biased and we all think our baby is the cutest… still, my point here is that this massive undertaking will require intelligent, effective and innovative branding and messaging.

As many of you already know, we’re now engaged with New York-based Creative Ad-Agency, HQ Creative (see press release here); but what people do not know is that our wholly owned subsidiary, Chron Home Services, will be undergoing a brand and name change. This change is part of our engagement with the experts at HQ Creative. I believe that we have come up with a name and brand that is most definitely from the fringes – it is brilliant, yet edgy, and it encompasses the entire soul and lifestyle that our home services products and our company represent. This new name and brand will be officially revealed when we debut our e-commerce website, which of course, is our official national company launch as well.

In any event, this past week I reviewed the very first rough cuts on the video production work and other materials being developed by our creative team and candidly, they have captured the soul of what we stand for and more importantly, for where we are going to be 5 years from now. It is truly exciting and I cannot wait to share it with the public when we go live. As always, we appreciate your feedback. The Founder and Chief Plot-Stirrer at HQ Creative, Mr. Mitchell Stuart, absolutely captured our vision… and more importantly, he was sold on it. This picture here is myself and Mitchel – yeah, we look like we’re putting the band back together again.

Okay, for clarity’s sake and to avoid confusion – what does this name/brand change actually mean? First of all, this is only pertinent to our home services company. For those of you who do not understand our corporate structure, please take the time to read a blog post I did a few weeks back on our corporate structure (click here). Secondly, this change has nothing to do with our parent company – our core infrastructure will remain the same. This means there will be no change to our ticker or to the parent company name, which is ‘The Chron Organization, Inc.’ The change is purely for our wholly owned home services company and our branding efforts to help us go out there and capture a million customers.

Anyway, I hope and trust that you will be as excited as we are about this upcoming product/site/brand launch… we plan on taking over this space in a ballooning industry and becoming the thought leader!!

Yours Truly,

Alex Rodriguez,

Steward of the CHRON Vision







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