12 Aug Missed Timelines: Accountability


Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.51.03 AMDearest Shareholders:

I wanted to take the time to write you all and update you on the launching of our e-commerce website.  As you all know, our launch was scheduled for this past Monday, August 1st, and yet, we have since delayed the launching of the site in daily increments. Please allow me to explain why:

There are various components that encompass the Zen platform. These include the ERP system, which is responsible for customer information, relationship management and billing engine; several integration points with our critical vendors that are required to provide our services; our accounting system, and of course, the customer facing e-commerce website, which accommodates the enrollment of customers. Just to be clear, our platform has been finalized for some time now – this scheduled launch only incorporates the final piece, which is the customer-facing website.

As I began my final review of the www.livewithzen.com website, specifically, the shopping cart and order processing aspects of the site, I made the decision that I was not satisfied with the flow and design of these aspects.  This was not an easy decision to make; for starters, I have always prided myself on doing what we say and saying what do. In this instance, I knew that we would risk looking incompetent and/or at least, a bit disorganized. However, you should know that I view this part of our website as the absolute most critical factor in determining our success.  The difference on whether a prospect becomes a customer or not, while at our website, is largely determined in these final moments of online engagement.

The manner in which we display and communicate pricing and financing aspects,  our monthly service options and set expectations properly for the on-boarding process after the point of sale is paramount to our success or failure.  We worked hard on creating these specifications during the development process; however, when it came down to the final product, I just could not stand behind the final product with any measure of confidence or pride.

Make no mistake, there is an entire host of lessons learned for our entire management team (including myself, of course), which definitely weighs heavily on me. I certainly offer my apologies to all of you, our valued shareholders. In the future, we will not make these kinds of announcements without going through several rounds of testing first.  However, having said all of that, I am confident that I made the right decision to delay our launch. This is confirmed for me on a daily basis, as I am seeing the final pieces of our website come together in a manner I believe I can and will firmly stand behind once it is all live.

As many of you are already aware, the majority of the website (www.livewithzen.com) is already live and online. The only aspects that are not yet live on the website are the final pieces of the shopping cart and order processing page, which are designed to bolt right onto our wizard feature.  I have included one of the new screenshots from the shopping cart in this blog; I took this as I was testing the latest development.  As of this past Monday morning, I have been exclusively focused on this project day and night. I can tell you that as of midnight (earlier today), we are very close.  I know we are days away; exactly when, I cannot say. However, momentarily, we will be fully live and online and entering into the revenue phase of our business.

Thank you all for your continued support and please do not forget about our upcoming Shareholder Conference Call this Monday, August 15th. You can register by clicking here:


Respectfully submitted,

Alex Rodriguez

President & Secretary

The Chron Organization, Inc.




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