02 Sep CHRON Updates and Invitation to Live with Zen

Dear Shareholders,

I was able to spend some time catching up with Alex this past week. And I have to say that every time I am lucky enough to catch up with him and the busy schedule he keeps, I always leave with a smile on my face and with the feeling and knowledge that the team and our company President truly are in the CHRON Zone! Allow me to share some important updates:

Online IHUB Chatter:

While Alex personally chooses never to indulge in reading such online blogs in general (as a matter of principle), I, on the other hand, tend to pay attention to the postings on IHUB. Some of your postings have actually helped the CHRON team by making us aware of state filings, website issues, product and services matters, and other items that the shareholders online discovered. CHRON has been able to use this information to the benefit and improvement of the Company. We thank everyone for your monitoring and postings.

On a lighter note, I would like to thank our biggest shareholders and fans, whom I see online, such as DR spin, BigBlackDog, SamSmith, whizen1, and my personal favorite named person – BobtheChronMonster (cool name), whoever that may be, plus many others. On behalf of Alex and myself, I appreciate having you all give us both negative and positive feedback. It all helps us here at CHRON to sharpen the sword and plan, and to execute better for the future. Alex and I also appreciate you letting us serve you.

Soft Launch Phase—Zen Home Services:

On August 1st, the CHRON team launched the Zen Home Services customer portal, www.livewithzen.com. We continue to gather feedback while we are in our soft launch period (90 days). CHRON’s goal is to have the website 100% completely tested and ready for prime time (meaning massive scale) by November 1st. Also, we had to delay going live with the website due to the fact that we were originally relying on a recognized 3rd party ERP billing and provisioning system that would not meet our demanding requirements and expected growth so we threw it out halfway through implementation.

In order to get it right, we built it ourselves (with the help of some brilliant virtuosos – special thanks to DJ). The system CHRON built and launched is a complete billing, provisioning, merchant services, credit check, and customer service proprietary system that was developed in-house to cover the smart home, commercial and residential alarm, and energy needs that are unique to CHRON’s retail offering. This seems like a lot to deal with, but the good news is that Management has had experience in these areas and the team was up to the task. Nevertheless, we are still very mindful of remaining humble in our approach.

Status of the Audit:

We have been working around the clock to get our 2014 and 2015 audits completed.  We learned last week that the actual auditing process was over and that the actual finished work product (financial statements) was in the CPA firm’s final review stage. As we’ve previously stated, the completion of this audit will mark the next evolution of The Chron Organization, Inc.

Company Funding Current Phase:

We continue to raise more funds for the Company. We are currently seeking additional funds from friends, family and close business associates in our network. If you are interested in being a part of the friends, family and associates round, please contact Alex as soon as possible. This round will be closing out very soon and the opportunity will no longer be available.

Company Funding Next Phase:

The next phase of funding will begin after the audit is finished and CHRON files its Form 10 or S-1 with the SEC (the “Filing”). After the Filing has been made with the SEC, we anticipate and are hopeful that we will get SEC approval within 60-90 days. This places us in the November 2016 – January 2017 timeframe for completion of the registration process. After SEC  approval, our goal will then be to raise additional funds from institutional investors.

Up-listing of CHRO to OTCQB:

It is most likely that we will be making our Filing and OTCQB application at the same time. Once the SEC approves the Filing, our listing on the OTCQB should occur shortly thereafter. Upon acceptance of our OTCQB application, CHRO will be a fully reporting SEC entity trading on the OTCQB. Then later, when we meet the listing criteria, we will apply for listing on a National exchange.

Business Plan Update:

We are currently in the market to acquire a Texas Retail Electric Provider as opposed to forming a new one and going through the regulatory process of getting licensed. While there are some exciting prospects, nothing has become material yet. We continue to explore multiple prospects in this area for acquisition, and things are developing in real time.

Smart Home, Alarm, and Energy Services:

CHRON is the first company to market that Alex and I are aware of, which will have the infrastructure to sell Smart Home services, Alarm services, and Energy services, all sharing data across a single platform. By sharing data, we mean Smart Home, Alarm, and Energy meter data. This data access will give CHRON the capability to introduce proprietary technologies into the home that have the effect of lowering energy bills due to lower consumption of the home.

The devices that Zen Home Services offers and new offerings in development will be able to control thermostats, appliances and other devices in the home. For commercial and residential consumers who are savvy and want a Time of Use electricity product, they will be able to see massive reductions in their energy bills by using the Zen Home Services technology.

Disruptive Technology:

It is CHRON’s strong belief that the days of an electricity provider or an alarm company being able to sell you these products independent of a Smart Home data platform, which controls the data and appliances as a bundle, will be very short-lived. The value proposition to the consumer will be simply this: “I can go with CHRON, a James Bond Style Smart Home Platform with Alarm services and Time of Use smart grid meter data electricity services at a significant bundled discount; or I can choose to pay for inferior products and services separately from the old dinosaur companies that cannot provide this as a bundle.” Believe us, the dinosaurs’ days are numbered, and Alex and I both agree that soon, the big dinosaurs will be knocking on CHRON’s door.


In summary, my advice to everyone who asks me about CHRON is the same as when they first told me they were going to invest in the Company: this is a 3-5-year play, not a get-rich-quick scheme. Real, innovative companies take time to build, and patience will be rewarded (in my opinion). While my advice has not changed, my strong personal conviction and belief is that the market will start to understand what we are building, they will understand the Zen offering over the next 6 months and soon they’ll understand the Chron business model and the stock will reflect that value accordingly.

Furthermore, while we are on the pink sheets, our audience is somewhat limited, but as we start to up-list and gain a wider following and audience, our story, news releases and blog postings will start to have a larger impact.

Call to Action:

Effective immediately, Alex and I would like to formally invite each and every one of you to become Zen customers. You may now visit www.livewithzen.com, go through our easy-to-use wizard to discover the ideal smart system for your home and begin placing your orders accordingly. At this time, we are applying a special very special promotion with reduced pricing, waiving of set up fees and we are offering 90-Day Same as Cash Financing. It’s a limited time offer and we are reaching out to you; our shareholders and our friends and family, to be our first customers.

In conclusion, on behalf of the entire CHRON family, I wish to thank each and every one of you for believing in us and supporting our vision to build a profitable, publicly traded company, and the 21st century smart home business. As always, your feedback on our operations is most welcome and much appreciated, and Alex and I are here for you, both in heart and mind.

Thank you,

Byron Young








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