02 Aug Launching Zen Home Services: Big Month for CHRON

Zen.Template.PPT - ImageA late mentor of mine who was a brilliant software developer who turned multi-millionaire as a result, would always say, “A software program is never finished…“. I was reminded of this when I spent the week before last in Houston working with our distribution partner, making final tweaks and improvements to our rollout plan and system.

This month, we are rolling out commercial and residential services in the Texas market; with many other markets to follow, of course.  We have decided to concentrate much of our focus on wireless systems because I am convinced that this is where the future of the industry lies. Historically, there have been significant challenges regarding these types of systems; however, I believe that we’ve figured those out… but that’s for another blog.

As you may or may not know, historically, home automation or smart home solutions has been a luxury item only affordable to the elite. Most experts will tell you that smart systems start at about the $75,000 price point, are provided by a select few “systems integrators” and powered by technology from fine companies such as Crestron.

In contrast, the Zen mission is to make smart and energy efficient homes affordable for the masses, with no respect to socio-economical “classes”. Today, we are starting that journey, but once again, like my old mentor used to say, “A software program is never finished…”. And it is from this mental perspective that I am inviting you, our valued shareholders, friends and partners to please test out our systems, go through the ordering process, evaluate the website and the shopping cart – test our customer service and our on-boarding process. And then, of course, please give us your feedback.

In my mind, the next 90 days are all about testing, gathering data and making improvements to the process. I realize that we still have our energy platform and services to roll out, but as of right now, I simply want to perfect the sales process of our smart home services… and then I want to swing for the fences and start rolling out major distribution channels. That said, my priority is that our process must be perfect and our customers must feel safe, secure and important – that is the new Zen.

As you all know, we have installed systems all over the country and have several case studies with real customers already underway. I am going to share with you what one of those customers had to say. Here’s an excerpt from a letter said customer wrote:

“When you guys said we were getting a system, I had no clue it was going to be to this extent. By far exceeded my expectations.

The Zen System is quite frankly bad ass. Easy to use, sleek and sexy. My girlfriend loves it. She mentioned last night that it really puts her mind at ease when she’s at home alone.

Cannot thank you all enough for how easy this process has been as a whole. The installation guys were great; all communication has been great. Seriously I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Yes, as you can imagine, I was humbled, grateful and excited to have gotten this type of feedback. It was a confirmation that we are truly onto something here, and if the good Lord wills it, hopefully it is as disruptive as we expect it to be.  My goal is for every single Zen customer to feel this way with and about our smart systems.

So again, please provide real, genuine and constructive feedback… the email address is investors@chronorganization.com and, of course, my personal email address is arod@chronorganization.com. Your input over the next several weeks is important to me and critical to our success – one of our mantras internally is that “the best idea wins”; we are always in search of the best idea… so do share with us, fellow partners.

I remain Yours Sincerely,

Alex Rodriguez

President & Visionary








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