09 Nov Investor Webinar & Call to Action

Dear CHRON Family & Friends:

I’d like to announce that the strategy and planning session the Company held with interested shareholders on Wednesday, October 19, 2016, at The W Hotel @ Victory Park is now live and online as a webinar.

During the session, I delivered a business presentation discussing CHRON’s plans for growth and our various opportunities to up-list to a major exchange such as the Nasdaq or the NYSE in the future. That presentation is now online on Vimeo and accessible via a secure password. All shareholders who are interested in viewing this important webinar may sign up here to retrieve the password and gain access to the presentation.

Furthermore, in the presentation, I emphasized CHRON’s latest milestones and imminent goals for the final quarter of the year. The purpose of this shareholder meeting was to reiterate our vision – both in the short and long-term – and to update shareholders on the state of operations and status of our forthcoming capital raise. I encourage those of you who missed the meeting to check out the webinar for all of these important updates.

Although we have effectively launched an e-commerce platform and have begun on-boarding customers for our Smart Homes business – Zen Technologies, Inc. (Zen Home Services), we still consider CHRON’s first wholly owned subsidiary in the incubation phase as we continue to work on perfecting our operations and product portfolio.

The reason I am constantly asking for shareholders to become Zen customers is because we need the feedback. We have major plans, with major distribution channels; however, we need this opportunity with a friendly audience to perfect our systems. Before we can service millions, we have to start with hundreds, which is why I am formally asking for our shareholders to do their part and become customers.

Toward on-boarding CHRO shareholders as customers, I’m pleased to announce that we are extending our special pre-launch ‘Friends & Family Promotion,’ which includes up to 120-Day Same as Cash Financing with no credit checks and Free Installations for all eight (8) Zen Smart Home Systems.

In conclusion, as you all know, from the beginning, we’ve been committed to being transparent, so we believe it is a strategic call-to-action for as many of you shareholders as possible to experience living with the Zen Smart Home System. By testing our products, services, and processes, you can contribute to necessary improvements in all operations before we launch our largest and most significant distribution channel yet.


Yours Sincerely,

Alex Rodriguez







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