14 Oct CHRON Shareholder Letter

Dear CHRO Shareholders, Family & Friends:

Recently, we mailed out our first official letter to all shareholders in our company to date. Using the NOBO list, we gathered the mailing address of over 1,200 shareholders on record. Out of that number, we only got a handful of letters returned, so we are glad that we reached so many of you with our message on important CHRON developments.

However, in the event some of you missed the letter or haven’t gotten around to it yet, we thought we’d also post it on our blog for your convenience and reading pleasure. Please see the full letter below:


October 1, 2016

Dear CHRO Shareholders:

I hope that this message finds you and your families well. I just wanted to take a moment to formally introduce, and perhaps in some cases, re-introduce myself, to all of you. I am Alex Rodriguez, and I serve as President & Secretary for CHRON, which is an honor for me as I have always been driven by the entrepreneurial spirit and have a knack for building companies. Previously, I was a founder of Stream/Ignite Energy, a Retail Electric Provider providing monthly electricity service to business and residential customers, amongst several other successful ventures. Implementing a successful network marketing campaign, we grew Stream/Ignite Energy from a small start-up to almost $1 billion in revenue in four years; essentially turning Stream/Ignite Energy into the “Mary Kay” of Retail Electricity and arguably the fastest growing start-up in U.S. history.

Not one to dwell on past glories, I am thrilled by the opportunity that lies before us today, courtesy of The Chron Organization, Inc. (formally known as: USA Restaurant Funding; USAR). I am proud to say that from December 2015 until now, we have blazed quite a trail for The Chron Organization, Inc. (CHRON), bringing us to this tipping point in the Company’s lifecycle.  This is our first official shareholder letter, and the timing could not be better, in my humble opinion. I believe that recent events surrounding the Company are going to be historically transformative for us, and so it brings me great pleasure to provide this important update.

Our Company currently trades under the symbol “CHRO”, having changed from the previous ticker symbol, “USAR”.  In that same spirit of change, today, we have a completely new management team and Board in place. It has been said that if you want to go fast… go alone, but if you want to go far… go with others!

On that note, I am pleased to announce other members of our team. Our Chief of Compliance, Doug McKinnon, has been involved with seven public companies in his career as a C-level executive and is an absolute wealth of information regarding publicly traded companies. Our Chairman & Treasurer, Byron Young, has an extensive background founding and operating companies from concept into the tens of millions of dollars in revenue. Most notably, Byron co-founded Assist Wireless and Payless Power, both of which do in excess of $30 million each in annual revenues, both of which are debt free and highly profitable. Our management team has a proven track record and experience, but more importantly, we have a vision for a bright future for CHRON.

CHRON Organizational Structure and Ongoing Operations:

The Chron Organization, Inc. (OTC: CHRO) – Our chairman and I have a long-term vision for CHRON, which is to develop a portfolio of highly successful and unique wholly owned businesses. We will build this portfolio by providing incubation, advisory, early stage management and capital services to the same. By utilizing our experience as proven entrepreneurs and business operators, combined with leveraging our access to the public markets, we believe we can create enterprise value by incubating and launching select businesses/companies. To learn more about CHRON, visit www.ChronOrganization.com, our corporate website where shareholders can remain apprised of all relevant developments, including press releases and blog posts by Management and other company officers. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter while visiting the site.

To cite a very real example of the CHRON business model, our main focus today is a wholly owned subsidiary named Zen Technologies, Inc. (DBA: Zen Home Services), which is our first incubated company. We have spent the past 5 months building out a national operating platform, which we are confident has the potential to become the largest Smart Home services provider in the industry. To learn more about Zen Home Services, please visit us at www.ZenHomeServices.com. To become one of our customers or to see what other customers are saying about us, please visit us at www.LiveWithZen.com.

Corporate Development:

Over the past 8 months, Byron and I have spent much of our time and resources reorganizing the Company – if you have followed the stock, you will know that from the time we took over the Company through today, the Company’s share price has gone from a “no bid” situation to regularly enjoying a $20MM to over $30MM market cap. We are pleased with the market’s response to our reorganization and corporate cleanup efforts. Recently, Management decided to audit Years 2014 and 2015 – at the time of this letter, that project is actually concluding. Our goals are to meet the requirements to eventually up-list CHRON from the pink sheets to the OTC-QB and to become a fully reporting company with the SEC. This should happen simultaneously as we launch distribution channels for our wholly owned subsidiary, Zen Home Services. It has been a very busy time for CHRON; however, we are about to get even busier. We look forward to the continued support of our valued shareholders as we grow and expand our business operations.

Call to Action:

We would like to invite you to become our first customers to come on-board via our live e-commerce site, www.LiveWithZen.com. Once you visit the home page, you may check out our “Shop” page to view the details offered in our various product packages, or you may choose to navigate the user-friendly Zen Wizard. Simply provide specific answers according to your lifestyle preferences and your home’s unique configuration, and the Wizard can recommend the ideal smart home system for your lifestyle. In addition to our various home automation and security kits, we offer several more home automation components, which you may add a la carte to your shopping cart.

We hope that each of you will strongly consider becoming our first Zen customers and take advantage of our limited time, special launch promotions, such as 90-Day Same as Cash Financing, with no credit checks. Plus, we are offering Free Installation during the month of September as part of our Friends & Family Promotion. We welcome you to try our products first hand and kindly ask that you give us any feedback you believe might improve our systems, processes and overall customer experience. Remember, to stay apprised of all things CHRON/Zen, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter via our corporate website, www.ChronOrganization.com.

In conclusion, on behalf of me, Byron and the entire CHRON family, I wish to thank each and every one of you for your trust in and continued support of our vision to build a profitable, publicly traded company – CHRON, and the 21st century smart home business – Zen.

Sincerely Yours,

Alex Rodriguez


The Chron Organization, Inc.


P.S. Please remember to sign up to the CHRON newsletter on the home page of our official corporate website, www.chronorganization.com, to keep up with all important news updates.




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