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24 Jul It’s Good to Be Back!

As you probably know by now, in early April of this year, we acquired a Retail Electric Provider (REP), paving the way for Zenergy to officially enter the deregulated energy markets as a licensed provider and not just a licensed broker. Since that time, we...

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13 Oct Sustainability as a Service

Dear Friends, Family, & Partners of Zenergy: The term and/or phrase, “Sustainability as a Service” has been stirring in me for several weeks now. This, along with "Energy Conservation as a Service" are phrases that I've recently christened internally because I think they best describe the nature...

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04 Oct Day 3 in NYC: Batting A Thousand

Dear Friends, Family, & Partners of CHRON (Zenergy): As many of you already know, we are under an engagement agreement with Coit Capital for the exclusive purposes of sourcing a large warehouse facility to fund our Zero Cost projects. In the event you missed it, you may...

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03 Oct Day 2 in NYC: Are Texans Really Nicer?

Dear Friends, Family, & Partners of CHRON (Zenergy): As you may or may not know, I spent this past week in the Big Apple on CHRO business. Well, I just wanted to take a moment to share some of my informal thoughts on my experiences in...

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29 Sep Building a National Installer Network

  Dear Family, Friends, & Partners of Zenergy: Since the beginning of my time with Zen Technologies (now Zenergy), it has been one of my responsibilities to find qualified technicians throughout the United States. These technicians install the smart controls & building automation systems that are ordered...

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15 Sep Energy Conservation + Energy Efficiency = Sustainability

Dear Family, Friends, & Partners of Zenergy: Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency are sometimes used as interchangeable terms but it is important to understand that these terms have distinctly different meanings: “Energy Efficiency” means using less energy to perform the same function, such as replacing a...

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