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24 Jul It’s Good to Be Back!

As you probably know by now, in early April of this year, we acquired a Retail Electric Provider (REP), paving the way for Zenergy to officially enter the deregulated energy markets as a licensed provider and not just a licensed broker. Since that time, we...

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13 Oct Sustainability as a Service

Dear Friends, Family, & Partners of Zenergy: The term and/or phrase, “Sustainability as a Service” has been stirring in me for several weeks now. This, along with "Energy Conservation as a Service" are phrases that I've recently christened internally because I think they best describe the nature...

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04 Oct Day 3 in NYC: Batting A Thousand

Dear Friends, Family, & Partners of CHRON (Zenergy): As many of you already know, we are under an engagement agreement with Coit Capital for the exclusive purposes of sourcing a large warehouse facility to fund our Zero Cost projects. In the event you missed it, you may...

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03 Oct Day 2 in NYC: Are Texans Really Nicer?

Dear Friends, Family, & Partners of CHRON (Zenergy): As you may or may not know, I spent this past week in the Big Apple on CHRO business. Well, I just wanted to take a moment to share some of my informal thoughts on my experiences in...

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