Corporate Strategy & Philosophy


Today, homeowners across America are faced with a smorgasbord of product and service choices encompassing security and alarm options, energy efficient appliances, energy conservation items such as smart thermostats or “green power” options from their utility, and the ever elusive smart home technologies we see in movies and magazines, but never in real life.


Industry experts agree that consumer interest and demand are certainly present. However, the many challenges persist; starting with a very fragmented supply chain between manufacturers, installers and marketers. Next, there is the lack of quality salesmanship that can actually integrate these various items into a true solution-based package. Moreover, once you’ve created a great solution that delivers on technology and efficiency, you need the ability to make it affordable for all homeowners. Last, and perhaps the most important missing piece, there is no connection/integration between the electricity utility and the home automation/alarm services provider. This is where we believe the opportunity is and this is where our value proposition to the marketplace exists. The Company’s goal and mission is to connect all of these dots in a cost-efficient manner, while creating a loyal customer base in the process.

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