The Management Team


Byron Young – Chairman & Treasurer

Mr. Byron Young has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience founding several technology-based companies and leading them through an exit strategy and/or into profitable growth stages. His experiences encompass the telecommunications, wireless, software, and deregulated retail energy industries.


In the early 1990’s, Mr. Young founded several paging services companies that operated profitably through the peak of the paging services space. This led him to found a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (C-LEC) under the name, Extel Enterprises, which proved highly successful. Mr. Young sold the company to publicly traded, Usurf America, Inc. in 2004. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Young founded a Retail Electric Provider under the name, Young Energy, LLC, which serves residential and commercial customers in Texas and where Mr. Young currently serves as its Senior Advisor Board Member.


Most recently, Mr. Young also founded a profitable, privately held wireless company named, Assist Wireless, which currently serves over 130,000 customers across 4 states. Mr. Young serves as the Chairman and Treasurer of the parent company, Zenergy Brands, Inc., and oversees the Company’s vision, growth strategies, and expansion efforts. As co-owners of another company, Payless Powers, he and Mr. Alex Rodriguez have a previous successful working relationship and genuine friendship that spans a decade.


Alex Rodriguez – President & Secretary

Mr. Rodriguez is a renowned energy executive and serial entrepreneur with 15 years of energy experience and a total of 20 years of business experience in C-level capacities across the energy, telecom, and information technology industries. He is a business development and marketing executive who has successfully launched several companies, collectively responsible for generating approximately $6 billion in revenue over the course of his professional career.


He was co-founder and former Managing Partner of Stream Energy, arguably the fastest growing company in U.S. history, serving the deregulated electricity market, enrolling approximately four hundred thousand (400,000) customers, and grossing over $2 Billion within the first four years of operation. Upon his exit from Stream Energy, he founded and still serves as Chairman of North American Utility Partners (NAUP), an energy holding company and venture development firm with holdings in deregulated energy, solar, energy brokerage, and energy software.


Mr. Rodriguez also founded NAUP portfolio company, Diversegy, which he took from concept all the way through exit strategy, selling the company to a publicly traded (NYSE) energy holdings conglomerate. Diversegy is a national energy brokerage providing advisory and brokerage services to commercial, industrial and municipal customers regarding their natural gas and power procurement. Under Mr. Rodriguez’s leadership, Diversegy amassed thousands of clients, including nationally recognized restaurants and retail chains, cities and counties, private and publicly traded companies.


Today, Mr. Rodriguez is the visionary behind conceiving Zenergy Brand, Inc.’s strategy and core ideology. Moreover, as CEO, he is primarily responsible for the execution of the business plan and growth strategy.

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