06 Oct Zero Cost Program™: Making the On-boarding Process More Efficient


Dear Family, Friends, & Partners of Zenergy:

Zenergy’s flagship Zero Cost Program™ is a unique, complex offering and new way of doing commercial business using the Managed Energy Services Agreement (MESA) model. As such, it requires many layers of due diligence, starting with an an energy audit and site survey at the commercial entity we are doing business with, whether it is a business, industrial plant, or municipality. Now, from an operational standpoint, it is important that we identify ways to make our on-boarding process more efficient, with the objective being to automate as much of the process as possible.

The first step in our on-boarding process is conducting energy audits and site surveys at the business locations of our customers. Right now, this is a manual process that requires our field technicians to fill out paperwork, hope that said paperwork is legible, and that our Zero-Cost desk gets all the required documents back in a reasonable time frame for processing.

However, going forward, our field technicians will be able to utilize a standard online application that will allow them to complete and document their audits electrionically, which will then automatically be uploaded into our CRM system. Since this step feeds into additional steps in our process, this simple automation will result in avoiding potential bottlenecks, increase our speed, and allow us to move forward from audit to installation much faster and more effectively.



Josh Campbell,

VP of Operations

Zenergy Brands, Inc.






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