13 Oct Sustainability as a Service

Dear Friends, Family, & Partners of Zenergy:

The term and/or phrase, “Sustainability as a Service” has been stirring in me for several weeks now. This, along with “Energy Conservation as a Service” are phrases that I’ve recently christened internally because I think they best describe the nature of our Zero Cost Program™ in a way that CFOs and other decision makers can understand.

Back in the late 90s, the term “Software as a Service” was coined; eventually, even its acronym, “SaaS” went on to be used regularly. This marked the manner in which software companies transformed their business model to attract more customers (specifically, small and mid-sized commercial). In other words, a company operating in the 90s had a choice—they could either approve and move forward on a $1 Million Oracle or MySAP installation or they could choose the “SaaS model” instead, for just $20,000 a month. The latter option, of course, would allow the customer to avoid large upfront fees, avoid execution risk, and avoid having to have to hire and retain expensive IT staff or hosting equipment. It was no doubt a game changer in terms of its incredible, almost “too good to be true” value proposition to the market.

Fast forward to the 21st century and, interestingly enough, in every way, our Zero Cost Program™ presents this same type of value proposition to the customer, and then some. Our program not only allows commercial, industrial, and municipal end-use customers to avoid a significant upfront cost, but it also delivers an immediate reduction in their utility expenses as well. Oh, and don’t get me started on the environmental impact; that’s for another blog.

In any event, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new SaaS—Sustainability as a Service.


Alex Rodriguez


Zenergy Brands, Inc.




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