03 Sep Shareholder Update on Zero Cost Funding

Dearest Shareholders, Family, and Friends of Zenergy,

I hope and trust that everyone is enjoying the long, Labor Day Weekend!

This past week, I executed a Term Sheet and Advisory Agreements with a friendly funding source that I won’t name at this time since the deal has yet to close. Once the deal closes, we will then issue a formal press release, along with whatever regulatory filings may be available. We have received countersigned documents, and we remitted the required amounts for due diligence expenses as well. Therefore, I am happy to report that the due diligence process is well underway. This deal would give us a traditional debt facility in the initial amount of $10M, which we plan on using primarily for the funding of Zero Cost Projects and similar revenue-generating projects.

If you recall, in my July newsletter to you, shareholders, I referenced a Term Sheet we’d executed for $7M in equity financing, and that we would continue to work on and explore supplemental plans to that financing that would enable us to ramp up our business plan and also get rid of these various convertible debt holders. Well, I want to inform you guys that we have since decided to forgo that option for now because we believe this new Term Sheet I mentioned in the opening paragraph of this correspondence is a better route for us at this time.

The best part about this funding is the structure that we’ve negotiated, which gives us the opportunity to leverage this facility into an approximate $40M to $60M worth of Zero Cost Projects. In conclusion, let me stress that this deal is not completed or done—we have only signed the Term Sheet. Dear shareholders, please keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers that we get this facility closed as soon as possible. We’ve got several Zero Cost projects ready to go and several more in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more critical updates.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,


Alex Rodriguez

CEO & President

Zenergy Brands, Inc.







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