18 May On a Side Note: What is NAUP Brokerage?

Another recent noteworthy update I’d like to address as part of the Quarterly Conference Call, but not an official part of the three part series, is our acquisition of NAUP Brokerage. For starters, this is a very friendly acquisition—I personally have interests on both sides so this is a seamless acquisition and something we’ve planned from the beginning. NAUP Brokerage is a completely different entity than NAUP Capital.  I know that you all recall the NAUP Capital transaction that we did last year when CHRO acquired the NAUP intellectual property (via Chron Energy, Inc.), which has become the Zen Smart Controls & Energy Platform. My personal plan was to attempt to align many of my, if not all of my energy interest into the public entity that is/was CHRO. That was my motive from the beginning when I assumed my post as Director and President.

While the NAUP Capital transaction last year was both large and significant, you should all know that the NAUP Brokerage transaction is practically immaterial from a reporting perspective.  However, please do not confuse “small transaction” with the overall impact it is having and will continue to have on our business at CHRO.  It’s small because it’s friendly and it’s a related party transaction, but only for those reasons is it small.

Strategically, it goes a long way toward adding another level of value and wherewithal to Zen’s Commercial services offering. NAUP Brokerage is an energy brokerage and advisory firm. It brokers natural gas and electricity services on behalf of commercial, industrial and municipal end-use customers. It is licensed across the country, active in every deregulated energy market and made up of many smart people running a very smart energy operation.

Ladies and gentlemen, the fact is that energy has always been a part of our strategy; we believe that the next evolution of smart controls is their ability to merge with energy and other utilities in the future (electricity, natural gas & water). So right now, we’re doing everything we can to merge these things so that when we get to market, people will understand and see the vision for how these things not only tie in together but actually belong together… this ain’t your grandmother’s utility anymore.

Yours truly,

Alex Rodriguez

Chief Visionary





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