24 Jul It’s Good to Be Back!

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As you probably know by now, in early April of this year, we acquired a Retail Electric Provider (REP), paving the way for Zenergy to officially enter the deregulated energy markets as a licensed provider and not just a licensed broker. Since that time, we have been executing an aggressive cleanup of the REP, including systems, procedures, personnel, pricing, et cetera, all of which have progressed quite well. Now I’m pleased to announce that we are gearing up to launch in earnest Zenergy’s retail energy division—Zenergy Power & Gas. As a matter of fact, this week begins that new era – growing our REP business.

While our flagship offering remains energy conservation and efficiency courtesy of our Zero Cost Program™, the REP business is also a mission-critical part of our business plan. Besides, the fact that we are now a real deregulated utility is part of what makes our entire value proposition unique; it gives us a whole new level of credibility. We think that combining our smart controls business with our energy conservation business and now our retail energy provider business gives us a significant competitive advantage in the broader energy industry.

Many of you know I’ve personally been in the business of marketing/selling power and gas, either as a REP or as a broker, for nearly two decades (long before Zenergy). I love this business; I believe it is phenomenal, and I’m happy to be back in it. I’m excited about what we have to offer via the REP and have begun reaching out to many of the aggregators, brokers, and consultants (ABC’s), with whom I’ve developed relationships over the past 20 years in the hopes that they become our valued channel partners as we expand our REP services across the nation.

One of the reasons I am so optimistic about our forthcoming launch into the deregulated energy industry with our REP is our recent addition of Chris Crabtree to our executive management team. Mr. Crabtree is an industry veteran with proven experience building successful retail energy operations, both in the residential and commercial space. Therefore, I have the utmost confidence in his ability to shepherd our retail energy division. You may read more about Mr. Crabtree’s background and our related news announcement by clicking here.

In conclusion, I am grateful that our long-term vision is slowly but surely coming together, one offering at a time. Zenergy has always been about responsible energy consumption through the power of convergence—of smart controls, energy conservation, and retail energy. Now is the time to put all those pieces together and fulfill our mandate.




Alex Rodriguez

President & CEO




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