07 Feb February Newsletter

From the Desk of the Chairman, Mr. Byron Young.

Dearest Shareholders, Partners & Friends of CHRON:

I hope everyone had a relaxed weekend and enjoyed their Super Bowl Sunday! Alex and I have been exceptionally busy in the aftermath of the shareholders’ meeting, but I was able to sit down with him this past Friday and discuss some of the finer details of everything we have planned in the coming months. Allow me to share some important updates:

What we have recently accomplished:

  • Additional friends and family fund raising successful.
  • Alarm licenses in 30 states with the goal of having 40 states by the end of Q1.
  • Complete infrastructure in place to offer alarm and home automation sales and service.
  • Marketing department in place with 10+ professionally recorded testimonial videos.
  • State of the art website.
  • Social Media channels up and running.
  • Audited financial statements for 2014 and 2015 completed.
  • Reg A+ filing and procedures to become fully reporting in process.
  • Additional fund raising sources in process.

January Shareholders’ Meeting:
This past month we hosted our First-Annual Shareholders’ Meeting at the House of Blues in downtown Dallas; we had approximately 100 shareholders in attendance as well as several viewers following along via a live YouTube stream. The event was incredibly successful and it was so wonderful to get the opportunity to speak with shareholders in person. I want to personally thank everyone who was able to attend, we are so appreciative of your support. For those who could not be there, I invite you to catch up on what was covered through this comprehensive post that details major Company updates as well as slide from the presentations.

I would also like to ask that everyone who was in attendance please fill out this brief survey so we can collect constructive feedback on the event. The survey is only six questions and is completely anonymous. Our team would greatly appreciate your thoughts!

Zen Technologies Commercial Services Launch:
In a press release distributed earlier this week, we announced the launch of Zen’s Commercial Services Division and its new Zero-Cost Program™. The Zero-Cost Program™ is an innovative offering that allows commercial, industrial and even municipal customers to equip their businesses with the newest technologies available in energy efficiency and reduce operating expenses without incurring any new out-of-pocket expenses. This is made possible through a performance-based services contract which covers all of the equipment and installation costs. We get paid up front by a third party finance company, which is then paid back through future savings achieved via energy efficiency. After the equipment is paid off, the customer begins receiving all of the cost savings.

We are thrilled to announce that we are actively pursuing engagement contracts with commercial clients and are forecasting to enroll up to 40 more clients during the first quarter of 2017. Additionally, through a third-party marketing channel, we have access to more than 5,000 potential clients across the nation.

Entry into the REP Space:
Last month, we announced our acquisition of Enertrade Electric, LLC a Texas-based Retail Electric Provider. We formed a new subsidiary, Zen Energy, Inc. and plan to use this company to expand our retail energy operations across the nation. The press release elaborating on the details of this acquisition can be found here.

Call to Action:
With CHRO still being such a young company, every resource and every penny counts.  One of our biggest assets are our more than 1,200 shareholders.  We need to build a grass roots marketing campaign and need every one of our shareholders to take the following immediate steps:

  • Like our Facebook Page
  • Follow our Twitter Page
  • Go to www.livewithzen.com and enter your email address and register to win a free Zen Home Services system

What this will do for CHRO?  This will generate tremendous free marketing for our company.  If every shareholder does the above steps and also likes and shares our blog posts and press releases, our company could go viral.  Furthermore, as we gain new customers, we plan on collecting as many customer video referrals as possible and sharing these on all the social media platforms in real time as well.  These simple steps are essential to raising awareness of our brand in order to reach new customers for our Zen products and services. In addition, this can help educate the public about the available stock opportunities. And best of all, the above steps are free to everyone.  It simply takes a little bit of your time.

Reg A Filing and Up-listing of CHRO to OTCQB:
We announced at the shareholders’ meeting that we would be filing a Regulation A+ offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This event marks our move to becoming a fully-reporting company with the SEC and our up-listing from the OTC Pink market to the OTC QB. We are so excited to say that this filing is a mere few days away as it has been one of mine and Alex’s goals to up-list since we took over the Company in December 2015. Once everything becomes official, we will run a press release providing more details on what this will mean for CHRON moving forward.

Thinking Like Owners:
We want to encourage all of our shareholders to think as business owners as we begin to transition from soft launch to full launch.  If 1,000 shareholders of CHRO become Zen product and service customers and each of them increase our awareness and outreach, the chain reaction for both the revenue and stock price will be astounding.

I have never been more excited about a company launch in my life, and it thrills me that the public, business associates, friends and family continue to buy positions in CHRO.  I am even more pleased that the current share price is still relatively inexpensive.   Alex and I are extremely optimistic about both the short-term and long-term future of this company and are so happy to share this business with all of you.

Thanks again,
Byron Young
The Chron Organization




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