15 Sep Energy Conservation + Energy Efficiency = Sustainability

Dear Family, Friends, & Partners of Zenergy:

Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency are sometimes used as interchangeable terms but it is important to understand that these terms have distinctly different meanings: “Energy Efficiency” means using less energy to perform the same function, such as replacing a 60W light bulb with a new 9W LED bulb. On the other hand, “Energy Conservation” is a behavioral change that results in using less energy, like simply turning off the lights when leaving the room.

Zenergy, through our flagship Zero Cost Program™. provides new technologies and solutions that reduce overall energy consumption through improved efficiency. By definition, this is an energy efficiency program but, we also believe that any successful project should also include behavioral changes that help reduce additional energy consumption through energy conservation efforts.

As our customers implement new energy-saving technologies at their facilities, the leadership team is presented a unique opportunity to make a powerful change within their organization. The Zero Cost Program™ is the first step in creating your company’s own sustainability program. When employees and key personnel begin making energy-saving behavioral changes, the company is taking significant steps to reduce their environmental impact, further reducing energy-related expenses, and improving your company’s carbon footprint.  Always remember, the smallest step in energy efficiency can lead to huge strides for a sustainable future.


Sincerely yours,


Ryan D. Samuel

VP of Commercial Operations

Zenergy Brands, Inc.




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