05 Oct Day 4 in NYC: World Trade Center

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Dear Friends, Friends, & Partners of CHRON (Zenergy):

I had not been to the World Trade Center since the year 2000, so this was the first time I had seen (in person) all of the new 9/11 memorials that have gone up since… and I have to tell you all it was a somber and sobering experience. Specifically, the “pools” moved me–you see the various names of the victims who were lost that day engraved in a cement barrier surrounding each pool.  Not sure who the designer(s) of these pools was, but whoever they were, they invoked the same feelings that I get at the Rothko Chapel in Houston… which I can only describe as a heavenly presence.  

Bearing witness to these fittingly reflecting pools, there’s certainly a flood of so many emotions that overcome one, including anger and a desire for vengeance… but then, as you look around, you see every race, creed, and religion all gathered around paying their respect. You see many weeping and I even saw parents explaining to their children the events that transpired that day. 

There, in the presence of God, all of these various tribes from every part of the world are interacting with each other in the most peaceful manner.  In many cases, there were language barriers, but the feeling moving within everyone was understood by all anyway. To be honest, this whole experience gives me hope for future generations and for mankind in general. 


Alex Rodriguez




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