29 Sep Building a National Installer Network


Dear Family, Friends, & Partners of Zenergy:

Since the beginning of my time with Zen Technologies (now Zenergy), it has been one of my responsibilities to find qualified technicians throughout the United States. These technicians install the smart controls & building automation systems that are ordered for our flagship commercial offering, the Zero Cost Programâ„¢. Believe me, there have been a few obstacles along the way but, fortunately, I have been able to find some really great technicians who do a phenomenal job and have the same belief factors of Zenergy, which is to build a portfolio of customers for life through excellent service and excellent service only.

Now, you might be wondering how I could have found these qualified technicians all across the US while sitting at my desk in Dallas. Well, I start by contacting the product distribution centers and getting recommendations from them. Then, it is on to the BBB in that particular city to evaluate their rating. At this point, I then check the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) for that state to ensure their license is valid. If everything checks out and the prospective technician meets our standards, then that technician becomes a Zen Master–an official install partner.

Through this meticulous process, you can rest assured that each technician or company that goes out to any of our customers from Zenergy has been thoroughly vetted to give that customer the very best service experience with us. That is our unwavering commitment because we intend to build a world-class company one satisfied customer at a time.



Joy Krumwiede

VP of Field Operations

Zenergy Brands, Inc.




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