The Zenergy Ideology:  Energy Conservation & Efficiency + Smart Controls + Retail Energy


Zenergy Brands, Inc. (OTCQB: ZNGY) is a business-to-business company whose platform is a combined offering of energy services and smart controls. It is based upon the belief that these two aspects, combined with an ever-increasing commercial demand for more sustainable business practices, will continue to be burgeoning trends. Historically, services such as electricity and natural gas have been provided by monopoly-type companies; these legacy entities are in the business of selling commodity and related services and, naturally, selling as much of these as possible. In some cases, this has been the status quo for nearly a century. However, the growing demand from commercial and municipal entities for responsible energy, more control and transparency, and overall sustainability, have proven to be at odds with the mission of these legacy entities.



Thus, today, Zenergy Brands provides a new, unique value proposition to commercial, industrial, and municipal customers whereby we can reduce their utility expenses anywhere from 20% up to 60% through energy-efficient and smart control products. Zenergy Brands provides commercial, industrial, and municipal end-use customers with energy conservation solutions, building automation systems, and retail energy so that these entities can be smarter and more energy-efficient, thereby increasing their enterprise value while positively impacting the environment by reducing harmful carbon emissions.



Vision Statement:  Enriching businesses through responsible energy use and management.



Mission Statements:

  1. To increase the enterprise value & bottom-line for our customers.
  2. To build a portfolio of customers for life.
  3. To significantly reduce the carbon footprint in our nation.
  4. To significantly reduce the demand on our national energy grid and our nation’s water supply.
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